At the fork of the cross roads

Published on 2024-04-11 by Robin Rood

Let's choose one or the other of the either roads (or NOT)!

And the hesitation, does it comes rarely(?), Nooo!, we are very frequently and suddenly put to situations where we must choose between roads.

Of course, how to choose and what to choose are the questions. But did we ever ask 'why?' But of course it depends on the context, let's not give it a context, let's talk abstract. 'Why?' is the question. Maybe to be like a stoic or something, not sure!

The advice from a stoic would be to not choose but just hang around at the fork and not think about it at all, just try to be at peace, the hesitations aside.

But no we have to make a choice, why? because, the world isn't going to wait for us! We have to make a choice and move along with the world, fast forward. We can deal with whatever comes.

OTOH! sometimes it's not worth moving along, sometimes we can just sit at the fork and think through things, cars, engines, birds, rocket ships or the stars, really, anything at all, because it doesn't matter what about, anything will do, why not! thinking is fun, just living the fantasy that we forgot to live, the fantasies that engulped us when we were children, make a peace out of the fork, build a house on the fork, a house of fantasies, a house of the colors from the river on the night sky, a house of wind and the smell of dirt or grass, a house on no where, wouldn't that be fun!

Here again comes the 'but', the other 'but', that is, you start to hear a calling from one of the roads, it's a call for you to continue along and at this point even though you are sure of the choice you need to make, it's not really a choice anymore, it has become the destiny, this is the path of your life, but you cannot make the choice, you cannot leave the fork, the house of no where! You have already fallen in love with the fork and the house, so why bother!

This clinging nature to things is going to be the end of you. You wanted to be free, to live a life of a free spirit, and you always forget to be free, you always forget to think, you always forget to keep the fantasy alive, you always forget that wherever you are you can wrap yourself around with the house, because the house is of nowhere and you are always at the nowhere unless you make it a somewhere. Remember the difference between a nowhere and a somewhere, only then you will be able to not forget.

On the path of becoming a stoic.