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At the fork of the cross roads : Let's choose one or the other of the either roads (or NOT)! And the hesitation, does it comes rarely(?), Nooo!, we are very frequently and suddenly put to situations where we must choose between roads. Of course, how to choose and what to choose are the questions. But did we ever ask 'why?' But of course it depends on the context, let's not give it a context, let's talk abstract. 'Why?' is the question. Maybe to be like a stoic or something, not sure! The advice from a stoic would be to not choose but just hang around at the fork and not think about it at all, just try to be at peace, the hesitations aside. But no we have to make a choice, why? because, the world isn't going to wait for us! We have to make a choice and move along with the world, fast forward. We can deal with whatever comes. OTOH! sometimes it's not worth moving along, sometimes we can just sit at the fork and think through things, cars, engines, birds, rocket ships or the stars, really, anything at all, because it doesn't matter what about, anything will do, why not! thinking is fun, just living the fantasy that we forgot to live, the fantasies that engulped us when we were children, make a peace out of the for...

Melancholy House : It was cursed and the occupant knew about the unholy nature of it. They wanted to get away from it but it never did allow them to do so until they were consumed by the unholy spirit of it. When they got out, all that remained of them was an empty shell. Sometimes you can heaeit screaming as it devours of the occupant, i think it wants to become the occupant, it's a jealous beast, and the scream comes from the fact that - as the beast grows from the occupant it also grows in melancholy radiated from the occupant.

A little too much to talk : We want to be quiet. Say to mine-self, let's be quiet and try to be quiet. But does that ever stops us from talking. It seems there's a little too many ways of talking. So, the talking never stops. Now a days everybody's talking and everybody's listening. Now we ask mine-self, what does that has to do with us(?)! in wonder!!!! So what everybody's talking! Let them talk but let us be quiet! But the thought, it just a thought, like so many other thoughts, one thought among unimaginably many thoughts, so it remains a thought, and we never really stop from being talking. Because this thought of being quiet has no significance at all among all those uncountably many thoughts. So, the world is living inside of us it seems, the whole universe is living inside of us. We cannot ignore the resemblence that this living universe has with the universe outside. They are both the same. Yogic or Stoic, where are the happinesses has gone where have the peace gone. It's all just empty words, empty thoughts, non of it has any significance. There's no peace on the inside nor on the outside to have the courage to give any weight to these thoughts or the words. We don't buy words anymore, we only buy ju...

A PDF file : Here is a PDF file : (History of PDF| detail) It was exported from the Wikipedia article about the History of PDF

Hello world : This is my first blog entry. It is really short.